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Farooqui added, “The government is trying to paint Mohammed Shoaib and the Rihai Manch as dangerous people in an attempt to.

Sikhs in Kashmir agree to demolish gurdwara to make way for national highway – In an exemplary act, the Sikh community in Kashmir on Thursday agreed to the demolition of a 72-year-old gurdwara to make.

In an extraordinary gesture, the Sikh community in Kashmir on Thursday allowed the officials to pull down a 72-year-old.

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December has seen some underperformance but over the last few days, we are seeing stock-specific movements.

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Hours after the meeting, the MHA came out with an order directing withdrawal of 72 companies of para-military forces.

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Not many Indians realise that only a handful of brave police officers stand between them and these mobs. DCP Rohit Rajbir.