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Growing up in Lenzie, East Dunbartonshire, he has come a long way since a letter was circulated at his primary school,

A good-time persona accented by tight jeans and mirrored sunglasses wasn’t always a natural fit for Nicholas J. Niespodziani,

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But that sax player.

And you’re doing that on time. These instruments are not cheap.

Advanced (and costlier) kits have more elements to help.

The character was originally created by author Sax Rohmer and first appeared in his novel The Mystery of Dr. Fu-Manchu.

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The saxophone remains an iconic instrument in jazz.

is mainly remembered as a seductive ballad player whose career started.

It is time to take a breath, because the rollercoaster that was the year of 2019 is.

and “The Light”, the album closes.

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This 8-minute long Jazz fusion is made up of so many great.