Effect Of Japani Oil

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03-07-2009  · Can Japani Oil be used as purgative (like castor oil)? Are there any clinical trials going on in the Land of Japan on Japani Oil? Can Japani Oil be poured in ear to cure earache, or applied to tooth for curing toothache? Can Japani Oil cure piles? Can Bengali men rub Japani Oil on their bodies before taking a bath?

Japani Oil Dosage: This Oil can be apply during bed time & in the morning or before sexual intercourse. It is also advised to take health diet and avoid use of Alcohols. Japani Oil Side effects: There is no known side effects of this medicine.However,it is for external use only.Do not apply this liquid on the open part or cut of sex organ.

There are no known side effects with application of this oil. It can be used for 4 -6 months and along with this oil, you have to follow a healthy eating, exercise, yogasanas, meditation to improve the physical and emotional well being. Then you can

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