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Baidyanath Sex Medicine Premature ejaculation occurs when a man ejaculates either before or shortly after sexual penetration. Premature ejaculation is a common sexual complaint. It may result in unsatisfactory sex for both partners. Premature ejaculation might be diagnosed if you: Always or nearly always ejaculate within one minute of penetration of penis to vagina Baidyanath Akik Pishti is an Ayurvedic formulation

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Shilajit For Sex 16-12-2017  · Shilajit, also called mineral pitch, is the result of a long process of breaking down plant matter and minerals. It is a sticky, black, tar-like substance that comes from rocks in high mountain. Shilajit serves as one of the most efficient solutions for weight loss and detoxification. When people start aging, the metabolism becomes slower, which leads