Jes Extender

The Jes-Extender Light is our entry price version of penis enlargers. As with all our products, the Jes-Extender Light is the perfect option for natural, safe penis growth. The Jes-Extender Light c.

How to use Jes-Extender - English versionJes Extender. Overcome peyronie’s disease. Using two decades of dedicated experience, revolutionary scientific understanding, and medically recommended techniques, the Jes Extender was created by expert researchers, to give men a new approach, perfect for any and every man.

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29-04-2020  · JES extender’s design is very similar to Sizegenetics (as it is made by DanaMedic too). It has gone through major design changes in 2008 and has sold over a million devices. Most successful users report over 1-2 inches gain in length over 6-9 months (800-1200 hours total) using this device. JES has been positioned as a premium product (with Platinum and old version) in the market but the.

Originally, Jes Extender was designed by doctors and surgeons as a post-operative tool. As the doctors conducted continuous clinical trials on the effectiveness of the device, the doctors discovered one important finding: the device actually helped patients increase their penis size and girth.

19-03-2020  · Jes Extender clinical trial photos – indications were that 4 months use of a package equivalent to a Jes Extender Standard (AU Spec) gave an average 30% in length and 20% in girth* for most men of average size, that means around a 1 to 2 inch size increase! If wanting to use for longer than 4 months for bigger results, we recommend either the Titanium or Gold Ultimate package. For an.

Order Jes Extender In 2 Easy Clicks . Step 1: Choose Package Below (Light, Standard, Titanium or Gold) based on desired penis size. For example, if wanting to increase penis size to a maximum of 7 inches (17.5cm), Jes Extender Light is best.For Men who want maximum penis enlargement (up to 10 inches/25.4cm) or to help with penile curvature, we highly recommend the Titanium or Gold Ultimate.